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Volta® M2150S 2-Color Pad Printer

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The M2150S 2-color pad printer is a closed-ink cup automatic pad printer with a pad slide. The machine has a 90-mm ink cup and a printable area of 3.35′′ (85mm) in diameter. This pad printing machine features a heavy-duty, two-position pneumatic pad shuttle (pad slide) mechanism. The pad shuttle feature makes it easy to position the pad printing part fixture, which is ideal for second-color registration. As a result, it is easy to pad print on promotional products, industrial products, and apparel products.

With the pad slide mechanism, the part is stationary while the printing pads move from left to right. This is different from the two-color machine with a part shuttle, where the part moves from left to right while the silicone printing pads are in a fixed position. With this machine, it is possible to use both large and small printing pads due to the pad slide mechanism. Lastly, the pad shuttle mechanism, like every other part of the machine, is durable. This proofs the machine for future high-volume production.

The Volta® M2150S 2-Color Pad Printer is also easy to use because of its simple membrane touch control panel. The machine’s operational features can be set up and turned on using the touch control panel. Another feature of this machine is the XYR micro-adjust plate holder. This plate holder assembly reduces preparation time and increases productivity.

The machine capabilities

The M2150S 2-color pad printing machine prints both one and two colors, making it the ideal machine to have on the production floor. It can be adapted to all types of printing facilities, large or small.

This machine uses two 100-mm pad printing ink cups. This machine prints images up to 85mm (3.35″). The pad printing ink cups are fitted with our durable pad printing ceramic ink cup rings. Additionally, for traditional printing, we offer the best pad printing inks. For specialized printing applications such as silicone, we offer pad printing inks for silicone rubber. Lastly, this 2-color pad printing machine comes equipped with anti-static silicone printing pads.

This 2-color pad printer with pad slide is ideal for apparel printing. It is the perfect machine for 2-color label and tag printing. Looking to print a two-color label tag? This is the machine for you.

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Volta® M2150S 2-color pad printer Features

  • 1 or 2-color printing, a pneumatically driven shuttle or slide system.
  • incorporated microprocessor controller—this makes it easy and convenient to operate.
  • Automatic 5-digit piece/part counter
  • With its high-grade aluminum alloy frame, the machine is durable, light, and sturdy.
  • easy-to-operate ink cup design makes it easy to install, operate, and clean.
  • A closed cup system dramatically reduces airborne solvent vapors (VOCs).
  • independent speed and vertical stroke adjustments.
  • Auto Ink Cup Balancing ensures a perfect ink scraping.
  • Automatic ink mixing mode: This extra feature, “inking twice and printing once,” makes it possible to increase opacity.
  • variable working speed adjustment.
  • Membrane touch control panel
  • air jet for fast drying between colors.

To learn more about the M2150S and our other pad printing machines, visit our FAQ section or get answers from our printing community. To see our pad printing equipment in action and to learn more about printing, please visit our YouTube channel.

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