pad printing ink solvents


Pad printing ink solvents facilitate the smooth transfer of an image from the inked etched plate to the substrate. Ink solvents, also known as thinners, are critical in altering the ink viscosity, improving the ink adhesion, and extending the pot life of the mixed ink. In order for pad printing inks to work, pad printing solvent must be added to the ink. The thinner is added to the ink as a percentage of the ink weight. Printing solvents in general have a volatile component in them. Once printed, they evaporate out of the ink mixture. As a result, the ink becomes "tacky."

The ink's "tackiness" enables the silicone pad to pick up the ink from the etched plate and transfer it to the part.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., provides specially-formulated solvents to work with our inks as well as other manufacturers' inks. Our Natron solvents have an evaporation speed rating: fast, medium, medium-slow, slow, and retarders.

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