We provide comprehensive pad printing training and consulting services to many of the world’s largest printing organizations. Our goal is to make sure that all of our customers become extremely successful with their printing operations. We offer training for any type of laser, inkjet, screen, and pad printing equipment. We provide training and consulting services at your facility.

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Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. provides pad printing training and consulting services. This training is not limited to any particular machine or printing facility. Our services are available to all printing companies, large and small. Our training is comprehensive. It covers all aspects of printing. Additionally, we make sure the customer understands the entire printing process. This includes both the fundamentals and details of pad printing.
We cover every aspect of pad printing. This includes:
  • artwork preparation,
  • plate making,
  • printing pad selection,
  • ink mixing,
  • fixtures,
  • printing with the equipment,
  • cleanup,
  • pad printing machine maintenance, and
  • pad printing best practices etc.


Our pad printing training teaches the basics of pad printing and screen printing. This training ensures that the student has the know-how to achieve the best printing results.

In addition, after pad printing training we follow up to make sure that students are implementing best practices.

Training usually takes one full day. It encompasses all the steps involved in printing/engraving as well as practical training using the screen, laser, inkjet, or pad printing equipment.

Course content

 – Introduction to pad printing,
 – Printing pads selection – forms, qualities, handling,
 – Pad printing Plates – Printing plate material types, etching, materials, and production.
 – Pad printing ink – Types of inks, pad printing ink mixing, adjustment, adhesion, auxiliary agents,
 – Determination of substrates, pre- and post-treatment.
 – Specialty applications – silicone printing, untreated polypropylene, and rubber substrates.
 – Printing practical – Practice at the machines including tips and tricks.

high density silicone inks for textile
High opacity silicone inks


We offer pad printing consulting services to printing and decorating companies. Our consulting services include printing methods for new products, pad selection, new equipment design and implementation and workflow.
In addition, during consulting we can couple this with training. This option is cost effective for a large number of people require

Consultants make a special emphasis on:
  • – Machine setup, operation, adjustment and troubleshooting
  • – Proper ink transfer and its relationships with plate etch depth, ink/solvent mix, and pad material
  • – Choice of the right design of pads depending on machine, artwork, and part
  • – Use of laser settings for best etching results
We customize training sessions according to your preferences.
Training can last for one or several days, can be broken into segments,
delivered to different shifts, management (to train the management is
often a good idea because this gives managers better insight into
production challenges), etc. Again, we like to cover all the bases
demonstrating machines in the context of the entire printing process.


We offer audit services for medium and large size companies. Our comprehensive audit services reviews the tools, practices and procedures, workflow and preventive maintenance. We provide a final report which identify options for improvement. Being on the edge of technological developments and armed with years of experience in the printing industry, our specialists help clients increase productivity and cut costs.

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