We’ve got everything you’ll need for your pad printing operation right here in the USA with a global distribution network. We’ve got everything you’ll need to pad print, all under one roof: Pad printing inks, solvents, cleaners, pads, plates, inks, cups, rings, fixtures, and more! We’ve got it all at the best best.
If you already own a pad printing equipment, we can supply every pad printing accessory you can think about. Contact us to find the right supplies at the best price for your machine.

multi color printing with silicone inks


At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. we take a pride in our complete line of pad printing consumables. The reason is because Pad printing supplies is an area of major focus for us. We understand how critical it is, for our customers to keep their operation running. We also have the strongest pad printing knowledge in the industry today. Our pad printing experts offer the best technical recommendation and advice to help you improve your printing processes. We are the only company with the ability to offer both screen printing and pad printing training and consulting services.

World wide distribution/ network

We serve thousands of companies worldwide. We serve as the source for all our pad printing supplies from pad printing ink mixing sticks to laser engravable plates. 90% of our pad printing supplies are made in-house, enabling rapid fulfillment of orders and exceptional quality control. Additionally, we have global network of distributors all over the world. These distributors help to expedite shipping and reduce shipping cost.


The Natron™ brand is the only pad printing ink line that has an ink for all types of substrates. We manufacture and carry a wide variety of inks, each with unique adhesion and abrasion properties. This is the reason it is easy to find the right pad printing ink and color for your application.

Beside the silicone pad printing inks, we also have solvent-based pad printing inks, UV based pad printing inks, and water-based pad printing inks. These inks can be color matched using Pantone, RAL, CMYK and HKS matching systems.

Safe and compliant inks

The Natron™ Pad printing ink are Non-Toxic and free from heavy metals. These inks go through rigorous compliance testing to ensure that they pass rigorous industry standards. Click here to learn more about ink testing compliance for pad printing and digital printing.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is world class ink manufacturer and pad printing ink supplier. Our focus is to help our customers find the right ink for any pad printing applications including glass, silicone, nitrile, EPDM, metals, flexible plastics, fabrics, and more.

Pad printing ink for glass
pad printing ink hardener


Hardener is also known as ink cross-linker. The hardener is added to pad printing ink to increase mechanical adhesion and increase abrasion and chemical ink resistance once cured.

Different types of inks use different types of hardeners. Pad printing silicone inks use catalysts. The catalyst volcanizes the silicone ink. This is different that hardeners, which harden the printing ink.


Solvent is used to alter the inks viscosity and helps in the transfer of pad printing ink from the silicone printing pad to the substrate. Different solvents have different evaporation rates. Pad printing solvents vary by evaporation rate and should be chosen based on the environment in which they are to be used. Note that different climatic conditions will call for different solvents. It is important to note the environment, substrate, and print speed when choosing a pad printing inks solvent.

Type SF™ Solvent for silicone inks - Boston Industrial Solutions
photo-sensitive and laser pad printing plates


Pad printing plate is critical component in achieving a good print. The plate is engraved with the image, by either the photo polymer plate making or the laser plate-making method. Plates are available in a wide variety of color and type, each with unique properties.