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Electra® blue laser plate material

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Laser pad printing plates

The Electra® blue laser plate material for pad printing has a proprietary blue hard, glossy coating. This plate material is manufacturing process is tightly controlled to guarantee exact etching results from one plate to the next.

As a result, this laser plate is the most reliable pad printing plate type available today. This laser printing plate has a thickness of 0.02″ ~0.508mm. In addition, this plate has a harder coating and thickness compared to any other laser plate material in the market today. This harder coating and thickness helps to increase doctoring stability. As a result, this plate can be used with non-magnetic ink cups and pad printer ink cups with steel and carbide rings.

  • – Etch with an 10watt – 30watt fiber laser
  • – Life of up to 20,000 – 25,000 impressions

This plate is used with pad printing machines, pad printing inks, and supplies.

All the laser pad printing plates are competitively priced.

The Electra blue laser plates are made with a patented technology to deliver:

  • Perfect image resolution on each print,
  • Extreme durability – they last 1.5 times any other pad printing plates, and
  • Ease of use

We carry thousands of plates, from laser pad printing plates to polymer pad printing plates . We also offer cutting services.

Choosing a laser printing plates

Successful pad printing requires printers to select the correct transfer pad and printing plate. Decorators have to consider the size of image and impressions per production run.

Plate Size

The laser plate has to fit your machine. Different pad printers from different manufactures have different plate sizes. The plate has to be able to fit your machine.  A lager laser plate will not be able to fit your machine. A smaller plate will have the same issue as well. The goal it so have the right pad printing late size to fit your machine.

The chosen pad must have enough mass to prevent image distortion. This is because the pads body is the foundation for the print surface.


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