136mm ink cup ring

replacement 136mm single sided ink cup ring for kent economy cup
replacement 136mm ink cup ring for Kent economy cup
136mm ink cup ring for Kent
Kent pad printer ink cup replacement ring

136mm Kent Ceramic Ring

Pad Print Ink Cup Rings


This replacement single-sided 136mm ink cup ring for Kent economy cups is made with high-quality, fine-crystalline, and higher-density zirconia (ZrO2) material. As a result, this ceramic ring is very durable.

This ink cup ceramic ring features superior wear, chip resistance, and unmatched performance. The zirconia material makes it easy to maintain and clean this ink cup ring.

This Kent Ceramic ring smoothly scrapes ink from the pad printing plate, leaving only the ink on the etch. This pad printer machine ring works very well with all commercially available pad printing plates. These include laser plates, photopolymer clichés, stainless steel plates, etc.

This replacement ring has only one side. Prior to shipment, this replacement ink cup ring undergoes rigorous testing, which includes microscope inspection, feel inspection, and laser measurement for the evenness of the scraping edge.

This  cup ring is 100% compatible with Kent economy cups.

Dimensions for the 136mm ceramic ring are: OD 136mm, ID 126mm, and H 14mm (136-C).

This replacement ink cup ring is designed, made, and guaranteed to fit on Kent Pad printer machines.

Changing ceramic doctor rings

To change a ceramic ring, you need a ring removal tool as well as a mullet. A ring removal tool makes it easy to replace a chipped or worn-out ring at your facility. This simple tool comes in handy when you are in a bind and need to change your 136mm ink cup ring.

Ring removal tool sizes range from 53 to 200 mm. 53mm ring removal tools are special for changing rings from 53mm cups, while the large ring removal tools are for large ceramic rings. Before shipping, we inspect and measure the new ceramic rings. You can be sure that you are getting a chip-free ring that’s ready for pad printing.


  • H: 14mm
  • ID: 126mm
  • OD: 136mm


  • Single Bevel

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