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EK Series Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Inks


EK Series pad printing ink for plastic is a high-gloss, easy-to-process, all-purpose 1- or 2-component pad printing ink. This ink is one of our special formulations of AI-selected copolymer resins for printing on plastics. EK adheres to almost all plastic materials on the market today as a one-component ink.

With the EK Series, it is possible to print on acrylics (Perspex, Plexiglas), polystyrene, ABS, CAB, polycarbonates, Vinyl, polyester foil, polyethylene, polypropylene (pre-treated), soft and hard PVC, wood, polyurethane, etc. Use Natron polypropylene primer-PP primer to pre-treat plastics.

The Natron EK Series has a sweet smell and excellent resistance to weather agents, making it suitable for printing on plastic panels and on neon signs. This ink sticks perfectly to plastic, so it can stand up to applications like stretching and vacuum molding.

Additionally, this plastic pad printing inks are excellent for printing rigid polystyrene containers and bottles with high-speed automatic printing machines. This is possible due to the ink’s quick-drying characteristics. Also, because the inks dry very quickly, printed containers do not “stick” to each other as they are stacked; the ink film has outstanding adhesion as well as rub, scratch, and block resistance.

Two-component ink

As a two-component ink, the EK series for printing on plastics has exceptional abrasion resistance and an extended pot life of 9 hours. Use EK Series pad printing ink where outdoor exposure and gloss are a premium. This ink series is available in 23 high-opacity standards. All colors in this series are inter-mixable to make new colors.

See our standard EK Color Chart below under Applications. Custom color matching is available.

Learn more about MG Series ink for glass, metal and thermosetting plastic materials.

In addition, the EK Series ink for plastic is “non-toxic” and formulated with fade-resistant pigments that are free from heavy metals. Safety Data Sheets are available according to US and EU regulations. The primary indications are displayed on the product label.

  • Excellent adhesion on rigid plastic materials
  • Vacuum molding resistance
  • Perfect for outdoor exposure

Available Sizes

  • 1.0Kg (2.2lbs)


  • i-300x


  • TMF (Fast)
  • STB
  • TDG

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Technical Specs

Available Colors








Lemon Yellow




Gold Yellow






Rose Red






Kelly Green




Bright Green




Process Blue




Reflex Blue


Ultramarine Blue


Dark Blue






Rich Gold



High gloss prints

This plastic pad printing ink features high opacity and gloss printing ink film.

Vacuum molding resistance

The Natron EK Series prints perfectly on plastic substrates. It is formulated for applications like stretching and vacuum molding.

Excellent adhesion on 97% of plastic materials

After curing completely, the EK series pad printing ink film has great adhesion to almost all plastic substrates, which makes it strong against scratches. The addition of hardener increases its resistance to solvents.

Perfect for outdoor exposure

Formulated with special co-polymers to withstand weather elements – this makes this ink perfect for printing on outdoor signs and other plastic applications.

Fade resistant colors

The Natron EK series is designed for pad printing and high-speed printing on plastics that require inks with high opacity and fade resistance. This ink is formulated with nontoxic, free from heavy metals, fade resistant pigments. This ink does not fade even after exposure to the outdoor elements.

Food Packaging, medical, and toy safe

The EK Series ink is perfect for printing on food packaging, toys, and medical devices and surfaces.

The foundation for printing plastics!

Print on almost all plastic materials on the market today as a one-component ink.

EK Series Mixing and Printing instructions

The only way to mix printing ink is by weight, whether you’re adding hardeners, solvents, or mixing different colors to make a new color.

  • To use the ink as one component, add the solvent to the ink. Mixing ratio: 5–35% of the ink’s weight, depending on the color. Solvent is added to the ink to adjust the ink’s viscosity. The choice of solvent and the amount added are highly dependent on the printing environment and the printing speed. About 98% of all printing applications, you can print without using any hardener.  In the very rare occasions, that you might need to use the hardener, add 5% of the i-300x hardener to the ink.

Using the ink as a two-component ink

  • A two-component ink has two components: the solvent and the hardener. This ink uses the i-300X hardener. Two component inks have a pot life of 8 hours.
  • Pour the printing ink into a mixing container and note the weight.
  • Add the hardener to the ink. The mixing ratio is 10 parts ink to 0.5-part hardener, i.e., 5% of the ink’s weight. Mix the ink and the hardener together.
  • The solvent, which should be between 5% and 35% of the ink’s weight, should then be added to the ink-hardener mixture.

Printing Parameters: Pad Printing

  • Printing Plates (clichés) – Hard goods/ rubber substrates
    Use any commercially available clichés that are made of ceramic, photopolymer, laser, or steel plates. The recommended cliché depth is 20 μm for standard prints and 35μm for half tones.
  • Printing pads
    Use silicone printing pads. The ink works regardless of the hardness (durometer) of the pad.
  • Printing machines
    The EK Series ink for plastics is suitable for both closed-cup and open-ink well machines. It is excellent for high-speed printing applications. Use the appropriate thinner for the correct type of machine. For open ink-well, use slower pad printing ink solvents (thinners).

EK Series and the Environment

The EK Series pad printing ink is non-toxic ink that is made with pigments that don’t fade and don’t contain any heavy metals. Additionally, it is eco-sustainable, meaning that it does not contain:

  • Alogens
  • Azo dyes
  • Formaldehyde
  • Latex
  • PAH
  • Phthalates
  • Animal origin ingredients
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • G-B ester
  • Melamine
  • Persistent organic pollutants

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