Boston Industrial Solutions has both the printing equipment and inks to print on plastic stadium tumbler cups.
Stadium cups have become popular because they are not only reusable but are also very affordable. Additionally, many consumers take the cups with them as memorabilia of their favorite sports teams, restaurants, schools, etc.

Methods for printing on tumblers include screen printing, pad printing, UV inkjet printing, sublimation, etc. At Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., we focus on screen printing, pad printing, and inkjet printing technologies. We will review these printing technologies and the right printing inks to print on plastic tumbler cups.

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printing stadium plastic cups


Plastic tumblers are the go-to drinkware selection for high-volume food-service providers. These are polystyrene, polypropylene, and polypropylene. Stadium tumbler cups are made using polypropylene (PP) because this plastic material is non-toxic, odorless, and reusable. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., has the best machines and inks for printing on stadium cups made with any of these materials.


Boston Industrial Solutions offers a state-of-the-art Cylindrical Printer for Stadium Cups. Our UV cylindrical printer—the Volta Gyra® is the best rotary printer to print on both cylindrical and tapered plastic tumblers. This machine has a drop capability of 18mm—the largest in the industry. Additionally, this machine has a photographic print quality of up to 2400dpi.

Our rotary inkjet printing technology makes your product stand out in such a competitive marketplace. Using the Natron UV printer ink and PP Adhesion promoter for plastics, the print is not only vibrant but also durable.

Aluminum can printing machines
s300c cylindrical screen printing machine


Screen-printing technology has been around for a while. Tumbler screen printing machines are excellent for printing with UV inks and solvent-based screen-printing inks. Like a cylindrical digital printer, screen printer machines can print 360-degree prints or a simple logo. Tumbler screen printing machines are fast, durable, and easy to work with. Additionally, it is possible to print multiple colors with these machines.


Stadium plastic cup printing with the pad printing process is fast and economical. This printing technology produces excellent, crisp prints on plastic cups. Pad printing on a stadium plastic cup covers 25% of the circumference of the product, making it the ideal solution for printing simple one- or two-color prints that do not require a full wrap. A 90-mm ink cup machine is the most popular printing machine. With such a machine, it is possible to print a 3.1” image with such a machine.

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ink to print on stadium plastic tumbler cups


What Ink should I use for Stadium Cups?

Stadium tumbler cups are manufactured using polypropylene. On the bottom of the cup, there is “PP” lettering, or a triangle with the number 5. All these letters indicate polypropylene. 

Because of its low surface energy, polypropylene is one of the toughest materials to print. As a result, it is important to pre-treat the material with polypropylene primer, flame treatment, or corona treatment prior to printing. It is important to note that, regardless of the printing method, pre-treat PP plastic cups before printing; otherwise, the ink will not stick to the cup.

The MG Series is the best screen-printing ink for stadium plastic tumbler cups. This ink has high gloss, excellent printability, and screen stability. Additionally, note that the MG ink, when paired with a fast pad printing solvent, is also used for pad printing on stadium cups.

Other excellent screen-printing inks to print on these cups include BX series, EK series, and UVMK series printing inks.

The best pad printing inks for PP plastic cups are the BX Series or the EK Series inks. Both of these inks have a high gloss and are resistant to moisture and chemicals.

For the best ink adhesion on stadium cups printing with the Gyra® high-speed digital cylinder printer, use the 314 UV Inkjet Ink line.

Additionally, we recommend using a neutral ink for UV printing, depending on the print head. For most industrial print heads, such as Ricoh Gen 4, use the Natron 314 Series UV ink. Pair this UV printer ink with PP Primer or the PP3 Digital Primer for long-lasting, vibrant prints.