Sports equipment printing transforms functional equipment into custom, personalized sporting goods. Printing these goods enables athletes and sports enthusiasts to express their identity while enhancing the overall visual appeal of their equipment. To decorate these products, use Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., pad printing ink, UV inkjet inks, and other inkjet and pad printing supplies. Additionally, we our UV printers, screen printing, and pad printers enable decorators to decorate sporting goods effectively, efficiently, and easily.

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There are several ways to print high-quality graphics and logos on sports balls. Examples of sports balls include baseballs, basketballs, volleyballs, tennis balls, and even soccer balls. Methods for printing these sporting goods include pad printing, screen printing, and UV inkjet printing.

Basket balls are made with materials such as synthetic rubber (butyl rubber) and leather. The Natron® ST Series is an excellent ink for screen or pad printing on basketballs. This ink offers excellent coverage due to its high opacity. Additionally, it is flexible and has excellent bonding characteristics for rubber materials. This is what makes ST and excellent ink for printing on basketballs. For UV inkjet printing, the Natron® 160 Flexible UV ink is perfect to use with all UV printers that have Ricoh Gen 4 or 5 print heads.


Mouthguards are safety sporting goods equipment. Silicone rubber is the material of choice for manufacturing this safety sporting goods equipment. Pad printing is excellent for decorating and printing silicone mouth guards. For this pad printing application, the Natron® SE Series ink for silicone is coupled with the Volta M100 pad printing machine. The SE inks for silicone feature very high opacity, over 40 custom colors, UPS Certification, and high gloss, making it the best ink for printing on silicone mouth guards.

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Sports equipment printing - Baseball Bats And Hockey Sticks


There are several ways to print long images on long sporting goods, such as baseball bats and hockey sticks. Long images require long image pad printers to print on lacrosse, hockey, and baseball bats. Equipment such as the M150LI 1-color long image pad printing machine is excellent for this application. Use the TP Series ink to pad print on baseball bats, hockey sticks, and lacrosse sticks. The Natron® TP Series pad printing ink features high opacity and high gloss.


A printed swim cap is an excellent way to represent a school or sports team. Printing swimming caps requires silicone ink and a screen-printing machine. Screen printing is the most common method for printing silicone swim caps. Additionally, we recommend a screen mesh of 230+ when printing with the SE Silicone inks. The SE Series ink not only bonds well with silicone but is also resistant to chlorine, saltwater, and constant stretching. For one-color prints, use the S150 screen printing machine, and the SE series prints on swim caps. For simple logos, use the M150 pad printing machine.

Printed Swim Caps with white ink
Custom T-Shirts Sporting Goods Printing​


T-shirts and apparel printing is one of the most popular sporting goods equipment. Apparel not only represents the team but also makes an excellent promotional product for the fans. To print on T-shirts and apparel, the SilTex HD Series makes the perfect ink to use. This silicone ink for screen printing on apparel is durable, flexible, never fades, and is light in weight compared to plastisol-based inks. Additionally, this ink is PVC-free. Low-cure temperate is another advantage of the SilTex screen printing ink compared to plastisol inks. This ink dries and cures within 40 seconds at 212 °F. Use this ink for your next sports goods print.


Golfers love the game and all the accessories that go with it. Almost every golfer has personalized golf sporting goods equipped. From handmade clubs to ball markers to branded t-shirts to personalized custom golf balls, Golf balls are an excellent promotional sporting goods product. These balls make it easy to add text, photos, etc. To print on golf balls, you need the best ink, such as the BX series or the EK pad printing ink. To print with UV inkjet ink, use the Natron® 314 UV inks. These UV inks are excellent to use with any UV printer with Rioch Gen 4 and 5 print heads. For pad printing, we have all the necessary pad printing supplies and accessories to help you print the best logos on golf balls. Since golf balls are small, utilizing a small ink cup makes perfect sense. 

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