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Natron™ Pad Printing Inks and screen printing inks

Boston Industrial Solutions, manufactures and provides a wide range of pad printing inks. These inks are for any pad printing and screen printing application.

All Natron inks are made following strict quality management standards. Every ink undergoes thorough testing to ensure best adhesion onto different substrates. This enables the inks to adhere onto many difficult to print substrates. From metals, to glass, to silicone printing rubber, to nitrile rubber and even textiles.

Natron Series of printing inks has:

  • Medical grade pad printing inks,
  • highly abrasion-resistant inks,
  • high-opacity inks,
  • chemical resistant inks,
  • Wide range of colors including metallic, neon (florescent) colors, etc.

The inks deliver outstanding printing results. In addition, these inks will work with all screen printing and pad printing equipment.  On screens, the inks are stable. On pad printing machines, the ceramic rings doctor smoothly and easily.

Natron Ink types:

In our ink line we have one and two component inks. Our one component pad printing inks maybe thinned before printing. However, the one component inks do not need a catalyst (hardener) to print.
Two component inks must use a catalyst to achieve maximum adhesion onto the substrate.

In addition to to 1- and 2-component solvent inks, we offer UV curable pad printing inks. UV pad printing inks instantly cure once exposed to UV light. These inks use 70 – 80% less solvent compared to standard pad printing inks.

Substrates and Inks:

The Natron tampo printing inks work on many substrates and applications. Below are some examples.

Pad printing inks for glass
Natron MG Series inks
Natron MK Series UV inks

Inks for screen printing and pad printing on ceramics
Natron MG Series inks

Inks for metals, stainless steel, coated and un-coated metals
Natron MG Series inks

Pad and screen printing inks for plastics
Natron EK Series inks

Printing inks for Nitrile, Nylon, and Textiles
Natron NxT Series inks

Printing inks for soft touch substrates
Natron ST Series inks

Silicone printing inks for silicone rubber
Natron SE Series silicone inks

Screen printing silicone inks for textiles
Natron SilTex Series inks

Different substrates require different ink resins system to achieve maximum adhesion. To figure out which resin works with what substrate is very tough. This is why we have simplified that for you. We’ve analyzed millions of products so that you can focus on printing. In addition, we complement our great inks with free testing lab and consulting services.

When you encounter a tough substrate, send it to us, we will find a solution for you. This enables you to focus on the art of printing.

Pad Printing Inks

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. manufactures and supplies high tech pad printing inks for any application. We take time to study chemical composition of substrates. Then we formulate and test the inks to ensure perfect ink adhesion, look, feel, and ease of use. Our inks work on the toughest printing applications. The Natron Series pad printing inks has medial compliant inks. These inks also feature high abrasion, high-opacity, and high gloss inks. To learn more about our inks and the best pad printing ink for your application, visit our pad printing ink page.
Visit our learning Center for Compliance, and Technical Data documentation.

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