SilTex® XF Silicone ink

silicone screen printing ink for horse breeches
silicone ink for horse breeches

SilTex® XF Silicone ink

Screen Printing Textile Silicone Inks


Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. formulated the Natron® SilTex® XF Silicone ink for horse breeches and other textiles that undergo high friction. This screen printing ink has a clear finish. It is used as the final print (finishing printing) on silicone to give horse riding pads a durable, high-gloss finish. This glossy ink finish is resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, we use the best possible silicone to formulate this silicone textile screen printing ink. SilTex® XF prints have a high gloss and a round, clear finish. The prints are durable and deliver a good stretch and rubbery feel on cotton textiles. This silicone ink finish comes ready to use. There are no toners. Just ink! Mixt is with SXT catalyst and print.

This silicone ink for horse breeches has excellent adhesion to cotton, polyester, polyblends, spandex, and many other textiles.

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Benefits of SilTex® XF silicone screen printing ink

The SilTex XF has excellent resistance to abrasion. This feature makes this printing ink an excellent ink for screen printing on horse riding pants, seat-grips, and knee-grip breeches. Additionally, XF is soft and very comfortable to wear the printed clothes. The printed fabrics have a rich, expensive, and rubbery feel. The XF inks enhance the aesthetics of the printed apparel.

This silicone ink for horse breeches is also safe for the environment and is PVC-free. Also, SilTex® XF silicone inks for screen printing textiles are very durable. Products printed with SilTex last for the life of the fabric. The withstand industrial machine washing and industrial use abrasion resistance.

Mixing Preparation for silcone ink for horse breeches

  • Catalyst: Add STX Catalyst – 2% of inks weight into the ink
  • Solvent: This silicone does not require any solvent.
  • Drying: Dry the prints 212°F – 250°F (100°C – 121°C) for 60 seconds.
  • Printing: Use 100 – 160 Mesh screens to print with Siltex ink for horse breeches.

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