The Natron SE-F series is a groundbreaking new silicone ink for medical device printing. This ink features unparalleled high opacity, high quality, and has over 20 intermixable colors for printing and marking directly to silicone. It’s ideal for marking any healthcare surface or medical device. This medical-grade silicone marking ink boosts productivity, profitability, and sustainability, representing the future of medical device marking.

Natron SE-F Silicone Ink, a Groundbreaking, High-Purity, Medical Class VI Certified Ink for Silicone

The SE-F Series is the only silicone ink in the world to have medical Class VI certification. It also meets the requirements of the GLP Class VI Test (USP). Class VI certification ensures the highest level of safety for printing and marking medical devices.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., whose Natron SE-F series silicone ink has received certification for medical class VI certification. This pad printing ink is the only silicone ink in the world to have medical Class VI certification. The SE-F printing ink is groundbreaking in purity, opacity, ease of use, available colors, and speed, representing the future of medical device printing.

Natron SE-F Silicone inks provide exceptional quality and industry-best durability, even in extreme conditions. You might also be interested in our STC 370HP soft touch coating for silicone rubber applications

Additionally, the Natron SE screen printing ink for silicone is Boston Industrial Solution’s silicone ink for standard silicone printing applications. The new addition to the Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., product line is ideal for medical, electronics, and health care printing applications.

The development of this medical-grade silicone ink is a significant breakthrough in the field of medical device manufacturing. Because of the ink’s high purity and strong adhesion to silicone, it can be used to mark silicone-based medical devices, optoelectronics, healthcare surfaces, and advanced electronic devices.

Unlike its competitors, SE-F has high opacity, a low cure temperature, and many high-opacity colors. To get new shades, mix any colors. The fact that colors are intermixable to create new shades means that contract pad printing and medical device companies can produce custom colors on demand. This means higher productivity and profitability. The SE-F series is available as a kit; this means that each silicone ink has a silicone ink catalyst included.

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