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LG Silicone ink catalyst

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LG silicone ink catalyst is formulated to work with the SE, SE-F, CS, and all platinum based silicone inks.  Use the LG Catalyst with pad printing, screen printing, and spraying silicone inks. This is the most potent and versatile catalyst (dryer) for use with any platinum-based ink system in the world.

This catalyst is available in 100grams, 200grams, and 1Kg size containers.

Boston Industrial Solutions has formulated LG catalyst for pad printing, spraying, and screen printing silicone applications. This catalyst vulcanizes the ink and has glue like flow rate compared to the Type SE catalyst.  The evaporation rate supports fine tuning of the ink to any printing situation.

The LG catalyst characteristics:

  • It vulcanizes the ink during pad or screen printing.
  • Enables screen stability and improves ink print-ability
  • It has very low odor.

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This new innovation in silicone ink printing gives an option to customers who print or mold silicone rubber products.  This catalyst fills the void left by our Type SE and LS catalyst when printing with the SE series or the SE-F printing ink lines.  Just like the our other silicone ink catalysts, the LG catalyst keeps has low smell, and allows for optimal ink adhesion.  Printers and Decorators Worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by the LG catalyst: economic value, durability, and screen stability.

The Type LG Catalyst is available in 100grams, 200grams, and 1Kg containers.

For more information on the Type LG Catalyst for Silicone ink, SE, SE-F, and DC Silicone ink, please visit our product page.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. manufactures and provides advanced printing ink for pad printing, equipment, supplies, and solutions to industrial, medical, toys, and promotional companies worldwide. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is the global leader of silicone inks worldwide. For more company news and new products, visit www.bostonindustrialsolutions.com/news/


  • 1Kg
  • 200g
  • 100g

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