UV printing on mugs is a great option for personalizing this drinkware item. The UV printing method delivers stunning full-color images on cups, mugs, etc. Among the many merchandise items that benefit from UV printing, mugs are a popular canvas for expression. Mugs are not only excellent promotional products, but they are also used in our everyday lives. In this article, we will review UV inkjet inks for printing on mugs, their benefits, and the limitless opportunities for business use.

Understanding UV printing

UV printing (digital inkjet printing) uses ultraviolet light to dry UV ink instantly upon exposure to UV light. Generally, UV inkjet ink cures 24 hours after drying. This printing process allows for digital prints on many substrates, including ceramics like mugs. Unlike screen or pad printing methods, UV printing is an efficient solution for on-demand and customized printing.

Pad printers deliver excellent one- or two-color logos on coffee mugs. Screen printing machines such as the S300C cylindrical screen printer deliver stunning one-color prints.

The benefits of UV printing on mugs include vibrant and full-color detailed prints, durability, quick turn-around, and unparalleled customization options. Learn how to print on silicone coated mugs.

Challenges of digitally printing on mugs.

There are two main challenges for digitally printing on mugs. The mug handle poses one of the challenges for printing on mugs. Additionally, the substrate (ceramic) poses a UV inkjet ink adhesion challenge. To solve this problem, UV adhesion promoters are needed to aid the ink in bonding to the ceramic mugs. Note: A UV adhesion promoter is not required for ink for pad printing on mugs.

How to Digitally Decorate Mugs

A UV cylindrical inkjet printer is the best option for printing on cylindrical and tapered drinkware; however, printing on mugs requires a UV flatbed printer. UV flatbed printers are excellent for printing slightly curved surfaces. Ideal applications for flatbed printers include mint tins, golf balls, coolers, and many other promotional items.

Other applications suitable for UV flatbed printers include sporting goods such as basketballs, soccer balls, etc. The applications for these machines are limitless. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. UV inkjet inks are ideal for printing on most of these applications. Learn more about 314 Series UV inkjet ink.

The inability of flatbed printers for coffee mugs to print wrap graphics is a universal problem when it comes to digitally printing on mugs. Use sublimation printing to print full-wrap images on mugs.

UV printing inks for mugs

UV mug printingThe ability to print a full tray of mugs at once is one of the major advantages of UV flatbed printers. Additionally, it is possible to print different artwork on different mugs on the same tray. This feature is impossible with traditional methods such as screen and pad printing machines. To print on mugs, the Natron 314 UV inkjet ink is an excellent choice. The UV ink comes in CMYKWV. For equipment optioned with extra printheads, we also offer LC and LM for an extended color gamut. For permanent adhesion, use the Natron G1 UV adhesion promoter.

Custom tooling for flatbed printers

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., offers custom tooling fixture service. We could design the perfect fixture to get you started digitally printing on mags with a flatbed printer. Contact us today for custom fixturing. Our fixtures hold mugs securely during the printing process. The fixtures eliminate the ability for parts to shift while the flatbed travels from start to finish.

For additional information, please contact us. Lastly, click here to learn more about our UV inkjet inks, digital flatbed printers, and cylindrical printers.