314 UV ink

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314 UV Inkjet Ink

UV Ink


UV ink for inkjet printers is formulated to produce vibrant colors. This series is a neutral ink formulated for a wide range of applications, both hard and flexible. Examples of substrates where this ink shines are: glass, tile, metal, acrylic, and soft (PVC, TPU) materials. This inkjet printing ink is chemically compatible with OEM inks for true plug-and-play compatibility.

The ink colors available for inkjet printers are cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, light cyan, light magenta, and varnish. Combined with the 254JP primer, this UV inkjet ink enables companies to achieve full-color graphics and images on a wide range of substrates. Use this ink with UV printers that have Ricoh Gen 4, Gen 5, or Standard Gen 6 print heads.

Additionally, this ink for inkjet printers strongly bonds to a wide number of substrates, including stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and more. When printing on low-surface energy substrates, it is important to use Inkjet primers to increase ink adhesion. We also offer both jettable adhesion promoters like the JP254 and wipe-on primers like the G1 adhesion promoter for glass. On stainless steel substrates, print the 314 UV inkjet inks over UV printing adhesion primers to pass further ASTM-required tests.

The 314 Series UV inkjet ink is Prop. 65 compliant. It is safe to use and free from any harmful chemicals or naturally occurring substances.

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UV ink for inkjet printer-compatible print heads

This ink does not deflect or cause inkjet clogging. It is compatible with the following machines and print heads:

Ricoh: Gen 4, Gen 5, and Gen 6* (standard printing, not high-speed printing)

Compatible printing machines

Inkcups (ICN):

  • Flatbed machines: X-Jet, X2 Flatbed UV Printer, X5-T Flatbed UV Digital Printer
  • Cylinder printing machines: X360 Industrial Inkjet UV Printer for Cylinders, Double Helix, Helix

EPS (Engineered Printing Solutions):

  • Flatbed machines: XF-Jet
  • Cylinder machines | Bottle Jet

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Technical Specs

Available Colors




Light Cyan




Light Magenta









Fast drying

The Quadra milled pigments and hand selected raw materials delivers fast drying time. The quick drying time offers a more even wet on wet printing for stunning multi-color pad printing experience.

HD prints

The 314 has High-grade pigmentation which deliver HD real-life prints.

Superior resistance to chemicals
Abrasion resistance
Compliant & certifications
Food, Toy, and Packaging Safe
High Gloss Prints

Experience mind blowing, long lasting high gloss prints.

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