S300C Cylindrical screen printing machine

Volta™ S300 screen printer print head
Volta™ S300 screen printer
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S300C screen printer

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The S300C is an industrial, 1-color cylinder screen printing machine with many unique features and capabilities. This cylinder screen printing press is ideal for screen printing cylindrical and tapered such as industrial knobs, cosmetic bottles, promotional drink-ware, tubes, and many other round products. In addition, the S300C screen printer equipped has an option for printing oval products. You might also be interested in the Volta® Gyra® UV Cylindrical printer.

The Volta® S300C single color screen printing machine incorporates easy set up to support rapid job changeover. It is manufactured for demanding heavy-duty jobs.
This machine for cylindrical and cone shaped parts will handle parts with a max diameter of 80mm (3.4″): 200x250mm parts. The maximum screen frame size is: 300 x 500mm and has a speed of up to 1000iph (impressions per hour). It also has a variable inking, printing speed and print frequency controls allow the operator to regulate print speed. With this machine, high opacity is guaranteed with each print.

Volta® S300C 1-Color Cylinder screen printer

Additionally, this screen printing cylinder press has an intuitive membrane-touch-control screen which provides ease of machine adjustments and machine functions. This machine is suitable for most small to medium size round and cone-shaped parts. This machine excels in the promotional products, industrial, appliances, and drinkware applications.

Another popular application of the S300C is cosmetic packaging applications. This machine overcomes the limitations of pad printer machines such as printing 360 degrees on round objects.

The Volta® S300C 1-Color Cylinder printing machine accepts all our screen printing inks, silicone inks, and solvent-based inks. Learn more about the different types of screen printing inks for glass and cosmetics.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. provides the complete screen printing solutions for your product decorating, marking, and labeling needs.

Volta® S300C 1-Color Cylinder screen printing machine features:

This printing press handles parts with a diameter of  tall including the part fixture. This 1-automatic cylinder screen printing machine features:

  • 80mm diameter  x 300mm (long)
  • 1000iph
  • An easy to operate touch control panel, and
  • an inking and print frequency controls. These allow the user to regulate print quality.
  • Air pressure: 5 – 7Bar

Our engineers developed an intuitive membrane-touch-control feature provides ease of program adjustments and machine functions.

Other suitable printing applications:

Other suitable printing application for the S300C 1-Color cylinder press for cylindrical printing applications include industrial pipes and home appliance knob printing applications. For these types of applications, we have the best printing inks in the world to complement this equipment.

Lastly, the S300C 1-Color Cylinder screen printer machine uses all types of inks including our silicone ink lines.  Learn more about the our different types of pad printing inks and screen printing inks.

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