Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., provides complete digital inkjet printing supplies worldwide. These supplies include inkjet printing inks, UV ink primers, fixtures, and more. Because we have over 30 years in the printing and decorating industry, we know what inkjet printing materials customers need. We use science to formulate inkjet inks to print on any substrate. Our decorators use our inkjet inks to print on metal, glass, plastic, fabrics, edibles, and many other substrates. Additionally, our digital inkjet primers ensure excellent UV ink adhesion on hard-to-print substrates. We also offer inkjet supplies such as nozzle cleaners and ink removers. Our goal is to offer end-to-end industrial inkjet printing supplies and solutions to our customers.


Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of digital inkjet printing ink for a wide range of substrates, including stainless steel, glass, and textiles. Additionally, primers, maintenance supplies, and spare parts are available on request. So, do not overpay for parts and printing supplies.

UV inkjet ink


UV inks are one of the most important inkjet printing supplies. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., uses science to manufacture the best UV inkjet inks. Every single material used to make these inks undergoes rigorous tests. Only the best combinations of materials get used to make our UV inks. As a result, our inks have vibrant prints, high opacity, durability, and exceptional adhesion. Currently, we have 3 ink series of UV curable ink. Each of these inks has unique properties to promote greater adhesion.

The Natron 314 UV Ink is formulated as a neutral ink. This is the most popular inkjet ink. It prints on both hard and semi-flexible substrates, including tritan plastics. The Natron 270 inkjet ink has excellent adhesion on glass, stainless steel, and hard plastics. In addition, have the Natron 160 Series UV ink. This ink is perfect for soft plastic products and flexible products.


Another must-have among the inkjet printing supplies is primer. Printing primers are a special coating that is applied to a substrate prior to printing. In general, this primer raises the surface energy of the substrate, allowing printing ink to bond with it. Primer is important in the UV inkjet printing process because each substrate is unique. We have different UV ink primers for glass, stainless steel, coated metals, carbon fiber, and more complicated plastics like polypropylene.