Bring your cannabis products printed in-house for all labeling and decorating needs. Eliminate the lengthy wait time for orders and print on demand.

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, it has become important to increase brand recognition. Companies not banding their cannabis offerings are missing out. However, it is never too late to start offering custom cannabis products and packaging. This is very important, irrespective of the brand and company size. Customizing cannabis products helps your brand stand out from the competition and increase sales.

inks for printing custom cannabis products


Pad printing, screen printing, and inkjet printing are suitable for printing on stash containers and jars. For large flat, cylindrical, and circular one-color prints, screen printing is a good option to decorate these jars. Pad printing, on the other hand, is perfect for printing on silicone non-stick storage containers. For this application, use Natron® SE silicone ink which is also an excellent silicone screen printing ink. For all non-silicone stash jars, select the appropriate ink from our pad printing inks based on the material.

Lastly, UV inkjet printing is perfect for printing full-color graphics on demand. UV printers, with the aid of UV adhesion promoters, deliver impeccable prints on glass, stainless steel, and other materials. Learn more about our UV inkjet inks and the G1 UV adhesion promoter for glass.



Lighters are not only essential for this industry, but they are also a fashion statement. Additionally, they are a status symbol. To pad print on plastic lighters, pre-treat the surface with PP Primer, then pad print with MG Series pad printing ink.

There are also metal lighters—these are ideal for inkjet printing. Prior to printing, use the M87 or the M74F UV adhesion promoter, then print with UV inkjet ink.

printed custom lighers
pad printing on vape pens


The design of vape pens is beautiful. For display branding, this is a perfect item to brand. Additionally, vape pens are always visible when in use. Pad printing is an excellent way to brand vape pens. To print on metal or vape pens, use the MG Series pad printing ink. For two-color prints, consider the M2150 2-color pad printer.

UV printing is also another option for branding vape pens. For this, we recommend using the 314 UV ink, paired with the M74 UV adhesion promoter for metals.

Learn more about inkjet printing supplies.



Marijuana users commonly own grinders. The grinders are perfect for printing with the M100 one-color pad printer. The beauty of this machine is its compact size, durability, and cost. Additionally, these machines do not take up a large amount of space, which makes them easy to use in most printing environments. Lastly, for dense plastic grinders, consider the MG Series pad printing ink.

herb-weed grinders

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