Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., makes and offers a variety of inks for carbon fiber and composite material applications. These inks are for screen printing and pad printing applications. Additionally, these inks have high opacity, vivid colors, and are made with fade-resistant pigments. Prints done with Natron inks deliver outstanding performance and impressive results. We will review Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.’s available inks for printing carbon fiber, composite materials, and various printing technologies. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about printing technologies.

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There are several technologies for printing on carbon fiber and composite materials. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., offers printing inks to complement these printing technologies. The printing methods include:

Pad printing is the process of transferring a 2-D image onto a 3-D part. This versatile process offers crisp printing details on any substrate. Learn how to make pad printing plates.

Screen printing is another popular printing process. The apparel industry utilizes the screen printing process.

Lastly, UV digital printing is a form of digital printing that involves the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to dry UV ink. Examples of UV printing equipment include UV flatbed printers and digital cylindrical printing machines.

Of the three printing technologies, only pad printing has the ability to print on almost all types of surfaces, including oddly shaped objects.


The Natron 314 UV inkjet ink and the Natron 270 UV inkjet ink are UV inks for carbon fiber and many other substrates. Additionally, the 314 UV inkjet ink works perfectly with any UV flatbed printer and cylindrical inkjet printing machines using Ricoh Gen 5 print heads.

For permanent adhesion on composite materials, use Fi UV adhesion promoter. This UV ink adhesion promoter enables UV inkjet ink to bond permanently to carbon fiber.

Learn more about UV adhesion promoters.

314 Series UV digital inks
screen printing carbon fibre


Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers the MG series and the BX series inks for printing on carbon fiber.

These ink series not only have excellent adhesion to composite materials, but they are also resistant to chemicals, alkaline, alcohol, sanitation chemicals, and weather elements. Lastly, these inks offer excellent screen stability during printing.


The BX series is a one- or two-component pad printing ink. To print on carbon fiber, use the ink as a two-component ink. Use the i-300X hardener and TMF pad printing solvent.

The MG Series ink is a solvent-based 2-component ink that is used for both pad printing and screen printing. In addition to carbon fiber, this pad printing ink is suitable for a wide range of printing applications, including ceramics, metals, and plastics.

These inks from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., feature very high opacity, a fast drying time, and a high gloss. Promotional, glass decoration, cosmetic, automotive, military, and consumer industries prefer both inks to meet and exceed strict compliance requirements.

Lastly, the MG Series is dishwasher-safe (2000 commercial cycles). Also, this ink can withstand temperatures below -20°C, chemicals, alkaline, water, and abrasion tests. Lastly, the MG series is compliant with RoHS, EN71, CPSIA, REACH, and many other industry regulatory standards.

MG Series inks - natron inks by boston industrial solutions

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