How to Find the Right Pad Printing Ink

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We evaluate everything we do and improve on it. We listen to our customers. As a result, we create solutions that solve customer challenges. For example we have created a simple guide to help customers the right pad printing ink.

Additionally, all our customer support staff are very knowledgeable about pad printing. They use this knowledge to help you find the right pad printing ink for your application. Also, our technicians are also backed by our chemists and engineers. The engineering team solves advanced challenges. They also create custom solutions for customers with tough to print substrates.

Finding the Right Pad Printing Ink

How do you find the right pad printing ink for your application? Well, it is easy. You can start by looking at our Natron™ ink application chart. As an example, if you want to print on Plastics, we see that EK, MG, UV-MK are good inks to use.
You also need to consider the printing method; pad printing or screen printing. Amount of glossiness for the application will also come into play when selecting an ink. Opacity is another aesthetic factor to consider. Less opaque ink, means that you’ll have to double print especially on dark substrates.

Other considerations

Another considerations for pad printing ink are chemical, abrasion, and machine wash resistance.
The use of the ink will also play a big factor when selecting the ink. Some applications like medial need medical grade pad printing inks. Lastly, methods of curing will also play an important role in selecting an ink. You can only use UV light to cure UV-MK Series ink. To dry and cure silicone inks, you’ll need an oven or dryer.

Note, that while some products have coatings. These products will need priming before printing. Alternatively, an understanding is required to select the right ink.

Custom and Free service solutions

We offer free adhesion testing. If you have a product that you are not sure, send it to us. We’ll find the right ink for your specific application. If none of our inks work, our lab technicians will work with you to develop a custom solution.

We provide a comprehensive test report for the tested samples. We include a complete sample kit and working instructions on how to use the inks. All adhesion testing is doe according to ASTM tests for abrasion resistance.

And yes, testing is FREE of charge. Contact us to see what we can do.