Neon Silicone inks

Woburn, Massachusetts – Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. announces the arrival of Neon Silicone inks. This is an effort to offer color options to printers and decorators of silicone rubber products. In addition to the neon colors, we also added six new colors to the Natron™ SE™ Silicone ink line.

The new neon color are 903 neon yellow, 905 neon red, 906 neon pink, 902 neon green, and 901 neon blue. The six new colors are 317 gold yellow, 325 dark orange, 342 dark Violet, 338 purple, 346 green, and 345 bright green. This make the total available colors 35. This is the most available colors in any ink line in the world. Click here to view the SE series color card.

This new development is significant because it gives end users color options that were not available or feasible have before.

Silicone printers and decorators also benefit greatly because they can offer any color option end users dream of.

New ink features

All the new silicone ink colors, including the neon inks can be mixed together to produce new colors. The colors also feature great opacity as stand alone colors. These features allow printing and decorating experts to:
  • increase their offerings,
  • improve efficiency, and
  • print more silicone products.
As a result, printers can now print any color on any silicone rubber product.

Also, all other Natron™ SE™ silicone inks, the new silicone ink colors are formulated for ease of use, exact curing time, temperature, and are compliant (CPSIA & USP MEM Elution Cytotoxicity certifications).

Lastly, the neon color mixing ratio and instructions are same as all other silicone inks. Mixing ratio is 10 parts ink to 1 part catalyst. Mix the silicone ink together with the catalyst, print, and cure your product.

For more information about the new SE™ neon silicone inks contact us or visit

Let the Natron™ SE™ silicone ink line broaden your product offering and help you eliminate the guesswork in your pad or screen printing production processes.