SE Silicone Ink for printing on silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands and bracelets are everywhere today. Wristbands are ideal for events. They can be use to convey support for a team, advertise a business, promote a campaign or cause, commemorate an event or publicize an affiliation. In addition, silicone wristbands are cheap to manufacture and fun to wear. The are the simple reasons why silicone wristbands are popular. However,  manufacturers, promotional companies, and decorators often run into decorating challenges. The main challenge is because they lack a perfect silicone ink to use. We’ll talk about SE Silicone ink below.

As a result of the ink challenge, many printing experts question if they have the proper pad printing or screen silicone ink, hardener, solvent, mixing ratios, safety, etc.  Luckily, there is the Natron™ SE series silicone inks.

The solution: SE Silicone ink

Boston is a one-stop shop for silicone wristbands decorating needs. Boston offers a two-component silicone ink (Natron™ SE Series) which comes complete with:

  • A Silicone Ink (you select the color), in addition, we offer 15+ standard colors and any PMS color you may desire. Or you can check out our Mega SE silicone ink color mixing system which you can use to create your own colors.
  • A Hardener/ catalyst

Simply mix the ink with the catalyst, print, and dry the silicone wristband. It’s that easy!

Because of the SE silicone ink’s ease of use, any printing expert is sure to survive the daily struggles of wristband decorating. The inks are very opaque—there is no need for double hitting any pad printing application. Just print! The SE silicone inks are not only easy to use but are also very safe because the inks are made of 100 % pure silicone.

Finally, the SE silicone ink is opaque.  This enables the printer to print once–there is no need to double hit your wristband for opacity. One hit and you are done. Therefore, whether you are a new or an experienced pad or screen printer, the Natron™ SE series silicone ink(s) will not only wow your customers but will also help you make your mark!

Availability & Customer care

We also have the same day shipment policy for all standard colors and as little as one day (24 Hours) for custom PMS colors.

Feel free to get a sample kit of our Natron™ SE series silicone ink and effortlessly customize your silicone wristbands.

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