Printing on Silicone Keyboard with SE Silicone Ink

Have you ever thought of printing on flexible silicone keyboard? Now you can screen and or pad print on silicone rubber products, because of Boston’s new line of silicone inks. Take a look at this flexible silicone keyboard. We pad printed our logo onto the silicone keyboard! The ink adhered…and it looks fantastic! We could have screen printed our logo as well. The result would have been the same–amazing!
Pad or screen printing process is easy. Mix the Natron™ SE Silicone ink with the SE-CT catalyst and if needed the SE-TRM solvent.

How to print logo on silicone

Once you mix the ink well; pour it into an ink cup, inserted it into a pad printer, set the plate up and print. With the SE silicone ink, you don’t need to pre-treat the keyboard. Since the keyboard has electrical components, set it aside to air-dry. The ink will dry in 4-6 Hours and fully cure in 72-84Hrs. If you wish to accelerate curing, you may blast the keyboard with hot air. Once the ink cures, it will be flexible. The silicone ink will also be able to bend along with the keyboard. Try to scratch the ink, you’ll not be able to remove it. If are lucky to get the ink off, you’ll damage the keyboard. That’s how good the Natron™ SE Silicone ink is.
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