UV jettable primer benefits

UV adhesion promoters (primers) help UV ink adhere to hard-to-print substrates such as glass, metal, acrylics, PVC, HDPE, etc. There are three methods of applying the ink primers: wipe, spray, and jettable (printable). In this article, we will review our JP254 UV adhesion promoter. In this article, we will cover the UV jettable primer benefits over wipe on and spray on primers. Learn what is a UV ink adhesion promoter.

Advantages of UV jettable primer

Jettable primers are the new kid on the block because they are gaining popularity with many OEM UV primer suppliers and manufacturers adopting them. The main advantages of jettable primers include:

  • Increased production time
  • Cost savings (no manual labor for application)
  • Consumable savings—use only what is needed when needed.
  • Limits chemical exposure to employees.
  • Sustainable—low VOC content

UV jettable adhesion promoters enhance the adhesion properties of the materials on which UV inkjet inks are printed, similar to wipe-on or spray primers. Additionally, these primers promote the durability and overall performance of the prints.

To apply a wipe-on primer such as the PP Primer, simply wet a lint-free cloth and apply it to a surface manually. The primer then dries immediately, and the substrate is ready for printing. As described, wiping on primers is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and not ideal for high-volume production. Spray-on primers, on the other hand, are efficient but require an additional drying system.

Jettable primers, on the other hand, are printed on the substrate on demand. UV jettable primer benefits do not end there. Like UV ink, UV jettable primers are printed in the shape of the image on the part and dried with UV light. Next, the UV printer prints the image over the primer. It is important to note that the print head for the primer requires an additional UV-LED light source to dry the primer prior to printing colors.

Applying the primer during production reduces the overall printing cycle. This is an excellent solution for companies looking for a sustainable priming option. Additionally, this priming option reduces the number of operators required on the production floor. It also eliminates fumes and chemical exposure to employees.

JP254 UV Jettable Primer

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. offers the JP254 UV jettable adhesion primer—the best in the industry. This primer works flawlessly on iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, tile, and carbon fiber substrates. This adhesion promoter is formulated for use with any printheads with a viscosity of 8–20 cps and a surface tension of 24–26 dyne/cm. Use this primer with the Ricoh G5i, Ricoh G4/5/6, Konica 1024i, Toshiba CE4, etc.

Printing application

This primer is excellent for industrial applications and printing on stainless steel drinkware with digital cylindrical inkjet printers such as the Grya®. Learn more about printing applications.

If you have any questions about JP254, contact us or visit our support hub or our YouTube channel to learn more about the latest printing technology.