Printing on aluminum beverage cans with UV inks, primers, and cylindrical digital printing machines is becoming popular. In the past, manufacturers wrapped aluminum beverage cans with labels. However, with strict recycling laws and the advancement of inkjet printing technology, UV printing on aluminum cans has become more attractive and desirable.

We will review the significance of printing aluminum cans with UV inkjet inks. Additionally, we will review UV adhesion promoters for aluminum cans and the crucial role they play in enhancing ink adhesion and print quality.

Inkjet supplies: UV inks: 314 Series, 270 Series; UV adhesion promoters: M87, JP254

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Aluminum can printing machines


Cylindrical inkjet printers use digital UV inks and UV adhesion promoters to deliver full-color, seamless graphics. These printing machines have eliminated the need for wrapping packaging cans because they offer convenience, durability, and recyclability. Not only is the aluminum can printing technology more sustainable, but it is also flexible and able to deliver vibrant prints on demand with less material.

This printing advancement has revolutionized multiple industries, such as packaging, promotional products, and craft breweries, by enhancing creativity and functionality.


Both the inside and outside of aluminum beverage cans receive a coating. The outside coating protects the can against corrosion as well as presenting a medium for applying decorative designs. However, these coatings present a challenge for UV ink to bond to. While 80–90% of the inks will bond well to the coating, during transportation and storage, the UV-printed graphic will chip off or delaminate.

To solve this adhesion challenge, decorators must use pre-treatment options such as the JP254 and M87.

The Natron® M87 is the best wipe-on UV adhesion promoter for use with UV and LED curable inks when printing on coated aluminum beverage cans. Also, the M87 primer for aluminum beverage cans helps UV inks stick to other challenging metal materials.

JP254, on the other hand, is a jettable adhesion promoter. To use this digital primer for aluminum beverage cans, the UV printer machine requires an extra printhead and UV lamp to jet (print) and dry this digital primer. The JP254 primer is compatible with all industrial inkjet print heads with a viscosity range of 18–20 cps and a surface tension of 24–26 dyne/cm.

digital printing aluminum can solutions


The most common graphic types are full-wrap graphics and floating logos.

Full-wrap graphics are seamless 360-degree logos printed onto the beverage can. An aluminum beverage can printing machine digitally prints the graphic directly on the can. Some of the many benefits include easy printing of the artwork on demand, less ink usage, and quick turn-around.

Floating logos, on the other hand, allow decorators to use color as a canvas for any artwork. These digital printing machines allow for floating logos and texts.

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