Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., a global leader in printing technology, is excited to announce our glass certified ink – the MG Series. The MG Series Pad Printing ink  and i-267X hardener have achieved CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certification. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and compliant products to our valued customers. Additionally, these printing inks make it possible to print on challenging substrates. Examples include glass, metals, coated metal, carbon fiber, and many plastics.

CPSIA certification is a testament to the relentless dedication and rigorous testing processes undertaken by Boston Industrial Solutions. This helps us to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality of our printing inks. This certification is especially important for industries printing on metals, glass, and plastics, such as automotive, packaging, electronics, toys, sporting goods, and more.

Key features of the certified glass ink:

  • Safety first: MG Series inks do not contain, among other things, lead, or phthalates. They are free from harmful substances. This makes these inks suitable for a wide range of applications, including toys for children and food packaging.
  • Vibrant, durable, and exceptional quality: While prioritizing safety, the MG Series inks do not compromise on performance. These screen-printing inks provide vibrant and long-lasting prints ensuring that your products look great and stand the test of time. Additionally, these inks are dishwasher-safe and can withstand chemicals, oils, and weather elements. Some of the key features include very high opacity and gloss, and excellent printability.
  • Wide range of applications: This metal and glass printing ink-line is the perfect ink for marking industrial applications, electronics, cosmetic packaging, power tools, automotive parts, and decorating toys and promotional items.
  • Sustainability: Lastly, this certified glass ink has very low VOC components and is made with safe and sustainable materials.

As an industry leader, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. continues to set new standards for pad printing and screen-printing ink solutions. Also, the MG Series inks offer a safer and more reliable choice for decorators to enhance their products through high-quality prints on metals, glass, and plastics.

For more information about our screen and pad printing inks and how they can elevate your printing applications, please visit our website at or contact our dedicated customer support.

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