Plastic Pad Printing Ink

Plastic pad printing ink is a solvent-based type of ink formulated as a one- or two-component ink for printing on plastics. In general, there are two types of plastics: solvent-sensitive (simple plastics) and non-solvent-sensitive (complex plastics). For solvent-sensitive plastics, pre-treatment is not required. These plastics have a surface energy level that is the same as or above the pad printing ink. Complex plastics, on the other hand, have low surface energy. As a result, pre-treatment is required for good ink adhesion. An example of an ink adhesion promoter for complex plastics is Natron polypropylene primer.

Types of pad printing inks

 There are different kinds of pad printing inks based on their “base” material or the number of parts they have. There are solvent-based, water-based, and UV-curable pad printing inks. The latter two are the most recent and are gaining momentum due to sustainability and eco-friendly demand. In addition to this categorization, these inks are either 1-part or 2-part inks. A one-component ink requires only solvent to print. A two-component ink needs both a solvent and a hardener to print.

Pre-Treatment methods

To get good ink adhesion on complex plastics, pre-treat the material prior to printing. Learn more about UV inkjet primers.

Examples of pre-treatments include chemical wipes, flame treatments, and corona treatments. Each of these methods has its own benefits.

Post-Treatment methods.

Post-treatment is the process of curing the ink after printing. The ink bonds to the substrates. Some inks might require heat to accelerate and permanently bond to the product, while others will air cure over a period of time.

Plastic Pad Printing Inks by Boston Industrial Solutions.

Boston Industrial Solutions offers a wide range of printing inks for plastics. Most of our Natron printing inks at Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., are for printing plastic or plastics.

TP Series pad printing ink

The TP Series is a 1- or 2-component ink. This ink is probably the most advanced pad printing ink on the market today. It prints on a wide range of substrates, such as polycarbonates (PC), PVC, pre-treated polypropylene (PP), recycled PETE, Tritan plastics, polyurathane, acrylics, coated metals, wood, leather, and many more. Additionally, this ink features fast drying, high opacity, high gloss, and high abrasion resistance.

EK Series pad printing ink

This one-component pad printing ink is for high-speed pad printing applications. It comes ready to print. It is made with hand-selected copolymer materials. In addition to plastic, this ink also prints on vinyl. These inks are perfect for printing on signage.

MG Series pad printing ink

The MG series is primarily a screen- and pad-printed ink for glass and metals. However, it also performs very well on hard plastics such as POM, polyethene, pre-treated PP, and more. The MG series has a very high gloss and high opacity due to its fade-resistant pigments.

ST Series Textile pad printing ink

ST Series pad printing ink

Our Natron ST Series is a pad printing ink for tagless applications. It also prints very well on EPDM and EVA substrates. This ink series has a satin finish and can adhere to PU and soft PVC. Learn more about this ink for pad printing on neck labels.

All these inks adhere to many plastic substrates. However, the best plastic pad printing ink is the TP Series. It is versatile and adheres perfectly to very many substrates. It might simply be the only ink you’ll need for pad printing on plastic substrates.

Lastly, you should always test your substrate before printing to make sure that the ink sticks well and that the ink is good for your application. If you are not sure, we have a free testing lab. We can test your product’s ink adhesion.

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