Application of the week – printing silicone hose

It is a well-proven fact that silicone hoses are stronger, tougher and more flexible than ordinary rubber hoses. With time silicone hoses are being used by the automotive industry experts to replace rubber hoses. However, like everything else, each opportunity presents a new challenge.  How do you print onto silicone hose?

This weeks silicone application is silicone hose.  These hoses are made from the highest possible standards. Each hose is carefully constructed using the highest grade reinforced Silicone Rubber. Companies that make these silicone hose are able to supply all kinds of hoses. These include straight lengths, 90° Degree Elbows, 45° Degree Elbows, Reducing Elbows, Hose Joiners and Straight Reducers as standard. But when it comes to printing/ labeling, this is where the challenge starts. Printing onto any silicone is Boston Industrial Solutions expertise.  Our silicone inks are formulated to print onto any silicone based product including silicone hose pipes.

printed with natron se silicone ink - 310 white

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. SE silicone ink line is ideal for printing onto the hoses.  The ink adheres onto the silicone hose with ease. The ink is durable is is able to withstand temperatures of +300 °C (572°F). The ink is also able to withstand very cold temps of -55 °C (131°F).

Additional features of the Natron™ SE Silicone ink include high opacity and gloss.

How to use the silicone inks

Simply mix the silicone ink with the catalyst. Add 5 – 10% catalyst of the inks weight.  E.g. 10grams of silicone ink you need to add 0.5 to 1 gram of catalyst. If desired you can add any of our reducers e.g Type SS™ Solvent to change the viscosity of the ink.

Mix the ink with the catalyst thoroughly, the print.  

Dry the printed silicone hose in an oven at 400°F for 4 minutes. Let the product cool down and you are done.

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