Natron™ PP Primer for UV inkjet printing on plastics

 The Natron™ PP Primer is an advanced primer for plastics. It is formulated as a single component primer for UV inkjet printing applications. This high-performance primer for UV inkjet improves print quality and ink adhesion for:

  • Pigmented water-based inks,
  • UV inkjet printing applications,
  • Pad printing applications,
  • Screen printing application, and
  • Film and paper substrates.
Natron PP primer is the go to Primer for all LSE plastics, acrylics, and rubber substrates. Learn why priming is the solution for permanent ink adhesion.

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Additionally, the  Natron PP Primer has gone through rigorous testing to ensure perfect adhesion onto difficult to print rubber and plastic substrates.

Natron™ PP Primer  features:

The Natron™ PP Primer for UV inkjet printing, screen printing and pad printing features:

  • Sweet smell compared to other primers
  • Improves surface finish
  • Extremely fast drying time, less than 5 seconds. This is the fastest drying primer in the market today!
  • Works on many substrates (plastics, rubber, silicone, some metals, and glass).
  • Available in 8Oz, 1Quart, and 1 Gallon containers.

This UV inkjet primer enables printers to achieve perfect ink adhesion on print on difficulty to print substrates.  Use this plastic primer without having to invest heavily on different types of primers to achieve outstanding printing results. Lastly, Natron PP Primer for UV inkjet printing will help reduce cost and boost productivity. Printers and decorators worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by this UV inkjet primer –the Natron PP UV adhesion promoter for Polypropylene: ease of use, economic value, good smell, and adhesion.