Permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands

Natron™ SE Silicone ink is a Permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands. This ink is also perfect for painting, screen printing, pad printing, color ink filing, and spraying silicone Apple watch bands. Silicone watch bands decorated with the SE are permanent!

Show off your Apple Watch with a personalized ink color filled, engraved watch band! -Monogrammed or script Apple watch band with color fill that is 100% PERMANENT!


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Apple watches are beautifully designed. That is why since 2015 Apple Watch has been a best seller. The Apple Watch has sleek curved corners. Also, this watch has a digital crown reminiscent of standard watch dials. The watch casings come in stainless finishes. These include rose gold, gold, silver, and space gray. While the design of the Watch has excited many people, the stock wristbands have not been as exciting. Where Apple left off with the wristbands, artists and people who love customizing things, took over from there. Engraving, painting, and drawing on the stock bands. Creating designs that has people excited to wear. These designs are unique and personal. Some with messages and others that are…just art! But how do you make this art permanent? In this article will discuss the Natron SE Silicone ink – a Permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands.

Natron SE Series inks

Silicone rubber material cannot be decorated with traditional solvent, acrylic, or oil based inks.  These traditional solvent inks will dry but will NOT cross-link (cure)/ bond permanently onto the product. Over time or if the product is exposed to rubbing, the ink will easily rub off the product; i.e. the ink will fail an adhesion test. In addition, the painting or ink fill will easily come off when exposed to water, chemicals or other tests you may choose to test the product. Adhesion failure is a big failure! A no no in the decorating world! An a big NO NO, if you’ve made a gift to someone.  Additionally, pealing paint looks ugly! Gifts and give ways should last forever and should leave a lasting impression.

Following the premise that Nothing sticks to silicone rubber but silicone. This means that only a silicone ink can be used to decorate silicone Apple Watch Bands or any silicone product. Many

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. developed the Natron™ SE silicone ink to adhere to any silicone rubber product. This silicone ink is a permanent ink to fill engraved Apple Watch bands.  Additionally you could also paint or spray these Apple silicone watch bands with the SE silicone ink.  So how do you permanently ink fill laser engraved Apple watch bands?

Steps to ink filling engraved Apple Watch Bands

Below are needed supplies:

Step 1: Create your monogram or other design in Silhouette Studio and save it as an SVG – this is if you are using Glowforge laser.  Other lasers have different settings. Make sure that the settings are perfect for application. Align your Apple Watch band, pin it down and engrave it.

Step 2: Clean up the engraved part. You can use our Type SF Solvent with a brush to get this off.

Step 3: Color fill the engrave Apple Watch Band with SE series inks. Below are instructions on how to prepare the silicone ink.

1. Preparing the Ink to print

Needed tools & ingredients

Place a mixing cup on the scale and tear the weight. Pour Natron™ SE silicone ink onto a mixing container and note the weight.

Add Catalyst to the ink. The catalyst should be 10% of inks weight. E.g. if the ink weight is 100 grams, add 10 grams of the catalyst. Mix the ink and the catalyst thoroughly.

If you wish to change the viscosity of the ink, add the SF solvent up to 20% of the inks weight. Mix the SE Silicone ink, the catalyst and thinner thoroughly. Then, let the ink settle for one minute before ink filling the Apple Silicone watch bands.

2. Ink filling the engraved Apple watch bands

Color fill engraving using the mixed silicone ink. To make the job easier and reduce mess, use a syringe or one of our ink filling bottles.

3. Wipe off the excess silicone ink

Using the lint fee cloth, clean / wipe off the excess silicone ink

4. Drying and curing curing the Apple watch band

The SE series must be cured using heat.  Let the ink filled silicone watch band sit for about 30 minutes. This helps any air bubbles get off the ink. The bake the product at 200℉ for 10 minutes or 250℉ for 6 minutes. Note, very high heat will create bubbles.

Alternatively, you can leave the ink filled part for hours or overnight and then bake the part in the morning. This yields the best results. And there you have it, a permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands.

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