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TP Series Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Inks


Pad printing ink for plastic—the Natron TP Series is a 1- or 2-component all-purpose ink for plastics (rigid and soft), coated metals, wood, and paper substrates. This ink for printing on plastics has excellent adhesion to a wide range of plastic substrates, such as ABS, SAN, PETE, Tritan, acrylic, cellulose acetate butyrate, recycled PETE, paper, corrugated board, polystyrene, vynil, polycarbonate, polyester foil, polyethylene, pre-treated polypropylene, soft and hard PVC, wood, leather, and faux leather, and polyurethane. After full cure, the ink film exhibits outstanding adhesion as well as rub, scratch, and chemical resistance. In some cases, adding a hardener can enhance ink stability as well as adhesion and solvent resistance.

Natron TP-series pad printing ink has 24 high-opacity colors, including metallic colors. All colors are inter-mixable to create new shades of color. Please see our TP color card for the available colors. Learn more about inkjet and pad printing on plastic.

As a 2-component ink, printing ink has very good adhesion on many other difficult substrates, like top-coated plates, metal plates, difficult plastic materials, aluminum, and many other materials. The TP series inks are also non-toxic, free from heavy metals, and have very high opacity. To make the TP pad printing ink for plastic, we use only fade-resistant, hand-selected pigments. This makes this ink great for printing on food packaging, toys, promotional materials, industrial products, and tools. This is an excellent ink for pad printing on Pens, Injection Molded Parts, Cosmetic Containers, Medical Devices, Wood, Packaging, and electrical housings. Lastly, check the safety data sheets and the product label for warnings.

TP Series Ink mixing instructions

The two-component TP pad printing ink for ABS plastic, paper, and wood is easy to work with. To print your product, mix the TP series ink (A) with the i-300x pad print hardener (B), print, and cure the product. The hardener ratio range is 5–20%, depending on the product and required tests. We recommend 10% for almost all applications. For every 10 parts of the ink (A), add 1 part of the hardener (B). Mix the ink and the hardener together. To change the viscosity and printability, add 5–20% of the appropriate solvent. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to mix pad printing inks.

Drying and curing printed products

Generally, the following drying times are applicable:
The printed product can air dry at 68 °F in 20–30 seconds. Heat drying at 175 °F: approximately 3–5 minutes Full curing at 68 °F takes 24 hours.

The ink achieves full cure 24–48 hours after printing. For printed products that require high resistance to chemicals or other substances, increase the hardener ratio to 15%–20%. In addition, Bake the printed product for 15-30 minutes at the appropriate temperature. Please note that the drying temperature is substrate-specific. Safety caution! (Wait for the heated product to cool down before touching.)

After a full cure, try to scratch the printed product. We guarantee that the print will not rub off the product. This is the reason the TP series pad printing ink for plastic is perfect for printing onto plastics, paper, and coated wood products.

*Test for adhesion 24 hours after printing.

  • 1- or 2-component ink
  • High Gloss and High opacity across all colors
  • Extremely smooth and excellent release from silicone pads

Available Sizes

  • 1.0Kg (2.2lbs)


  • i-300x

Ink solvents

  • TMF (Fast)
  • TMS (Medium)
  • TSR (Slow)

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Technical Specs

Available Colors








Lemon Yellow








Rose Red




Kelly Green




Bright Green




Process Blue




Reflex Blue


Dark Blue


Ultramarine Blue








Rich Gold



Any Custom Colors+

Fast drying

The fade-resistant, quadra-milled pigments and hand-selected raw materials deliver fast drying times. The quick drying time offers a more even wet-on-wet printing experience for a stunning multi-color pad printing experience.

HD prints

The TP’s smooth printability delivers excellent pad release, which in turn delivers stunning hyper-HD prints.

Superior resistance to chemicals

Superior resistance to chemicals such as alcohol, acids, gasoline, and alkalis make it the ideal choice for food packaging, toys, industrial applications, and medical applications.

Abrasion resistance

After curing completely, the TP series pad printing ink film has great adhesion to substrates, which makes it strong against scratches. The addition of hardener increases its resistance to solvents.

Compliant & certifications

The TP series inks are also non-toxic, free from heavy metals, and high-density, high-opacity inks. This pad printing ink meets and exceeds ATSM, Milspec, and medical application requirements. It is perfect for printing on food packaging, toys, promotional products, cosmetic packaging, housings, and other items requiring a high level of resistance.

Food, Toy, and Packaging Safe

This ink is perfect for printing on food packaging and toys.

High Gloss Prints!

Experience mind blowing, long lasting high gloss prints!


Pad printing is an impressive solution for printing on a range of products, from drinkware to silicone to apparel. This printing process has been enhanced and fine-tuned over decades and has become reliable and dependable for printing and marking products. This printing process offers unique solutions for some of the toughest surfaces. It is known for printing a wide range of 3-D objects. This versatile process ensures first-class prints and results for decoration, marking, and identification.

Learn more about the different printing applications that this printing process achieves with our pad printing inks.

How to Mix TP Series ink

Whether you are mixing a 1-component or 2-component ink, let us assist by guiding you in the specifics on how to achieve the perfect viscosity and get your pad printing machine up and running fast.

  • A one component ink is only ink. These inks can last days and even weeks in an ink cup
  • A two component ink has two components, ink and hardener. Two component inks have a pot life of 8 hours.
  • All ink requires thinner to reduce viscosity.
  • Deciding whether to add hardener will be dependent on the substrate surface.

Printing Parameters

  • Printing Plates (clichés)
    Use any commercially available clichés that are made of ceramic, photopolymer, laser, or steel plates. The recommended cliché depth is 18–21 μm.
  • Printing pads
    Use silicone printing pads. The ink works regardless of the hardness (durometer) of the pad.
  • Printing machines
    The Natron TP Series is suitable for both closed-cup and open-ink well machines. Use the appropriate thinner for the correct type of machine. For open ink wells, use slower pad printing ink solvents (thinners).


TP Series and the Environment

The TP Series is classified as non-toxic with heavy metal-free pigments. Additionally, it is eco-sustainable, meaning that it does not contain:

  • Alogens
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Latex
  • PAH
  • Phthalates
  • Animal origin ingredients
  • Azo dyes
  • Cyclohexanone
  • G-B ester
  • Melamine
  • Persistent organic pollutants

Frequently Asked Questions

The TP Series is the best pad printing ink for plastics. This ink prints on a wide range of plastics, ranging from simple solvent-sensitive plastics to more complex non-solvent-sensitive plastics. This fast pad printing ink is very smooth to print with and has a high gloss and high opacity. It is the best ink for plastics such as ABS, PVC, polyurethane (PU), polycarbonate (PC), pre-treated polypropylene, recyled PETE, and more.

Printing on plastic surfaces requires specially formulated inks for good ink adhesion. Depending on the type of plastic, pre-treatment methods or coatings such as primers are required to aid ink adhesion. Most companies offer pad printing, screen printing, or flatbed digital inkjet printing for printing different kinds of plastic.

TP Series is a one- or two-component pad printing ink. Depending on the substrate and the intended application, the i-300X hardener is added to the ink to increase adhesion. The ink to hardener ratio is 10 parts ink to 1 part hardener.

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