Ink for printing on silicone rubber

SE Series pad printing ink is a two-component ink for printing on silicone rubber parts. This silicone-based ink is the only ink that can stick to silicone. Unlike solvent-based pad printing inks that cure at room temperature, silicone ink requires heat to cure. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., is the largest manufacturer and supplier of silicone inks in the world, serving very diverse industries. Our high-purity silicone inks designed for printing silicone surfaces in healthcare and advanced technology applications. Additionally, we manufacture custom inks per customer requests, e.g., printing inks for florosilicone elastomers.

Silicone ink applications

Pad printing, screen printing, spray coating, and ink-color filling are all ways of using Natron silicone inks.

Silicone ink types

The SE series inks feature very high opacity, extreme flexibility, high gloss, and chemical resistance, and come in 37 standard HD colors. This is the most popular ink line in the promotional products industry, automotive, and industrial applications. Like all our silicone inks, we use silicone to make this ink. Additionally, the SE silicone ink can bend, stretch, and move with silicone, as well as withstand the high temperatures that silicone is known to frequently be used for. Once fully cured, SE silicone ink will hold up to anything silicone can. Now that’s peace of mind!

There are several ways to use the SE Series silicone ink. These include pad printing, screen printing, and spray coating. Learn how to mix pad printing inks.

SE-F Series inks are the epitome of silicone inks—the crème de la crème of silicone rubber marking inks. This ink line is formulated, manufactured, and purified to meet the strictest performance requirements of the healthcare, space, optoelectronics, and electronics industries. In addition, this medical-grade USP Class VI silicone ink is perfect for marking medical devices. The SE-F inks are non-corrosive and perform extremely well in a wide range of temperatures, including very low and very high temperatures.

If you are looking for durable and long-term silicone ink for branding silicone devices or components, including extruded tubing, molded balloons, and other components, the SE-F series inks are it. Lastly, this ink line comes in 23 Hyper opacity standard colors. We can also custom color match according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) upon request.

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