SE Pad Printing Ink

In the pad printing ink product spotlight series, we review the SE Series silicone ink. In the last spotlight article, we reviewed the TP Series ink for pad printing on plastics. Every ink line in the Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., Natron® portfolio has different characteristics. As a result, the different attributes help you find the best ink for your exact inkjet, screen, and pad printing needs.

Silicone rubber is known for its exceptional properties. As a result, it is widely used in many industries, ranging from the consumer gift industry to medical devices, sporting goods, etc. Look at your kitchen, for example, you are likely to find utensils made from silicone. When you think about summer and swimming, you will need swim caps, which are made from silicone. Silicone rubber is everywhere, yet people find it hard to decorate products like swim caps and other items.

Compliance and durability

Silicone has exceptional properties such as heat resistance, flexibility, biocompatibility, low surface energy, etc. These properties make it hard to print on silicone rubber products. Customers reach out to us every day with silicone products such as toys, pet supplies, mouth guards, tumblers, etc. To print these and many other silicone products, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., offers the SE Series pad printing silicone ink.

The SE series is best known for its:

  • Printing on dark silicone substrates requires extreme opacity. No other ink in the industry can achieve true yellow on a black or blue background.
  • HD ink—high density for silicone materials
  • It is used to print on the outer shell of spacecraft—high temperature resistance.
  • The SE is a dishwasher-safe silicone ink.

The SE ink is a two-component ink known for its high opacity and gloss finish. Furthermore, it is made of pure silicone polymers, because silicone is the only thing that sticks to it. Also, this ink is non-toxic and biocompatible. We use fade-resistant pigments that do not contain heavy metals.

Once cured, this HD ink will bend and stretch with the substrate without affecting the print.

Lastly, check out our SE color chart, which features over 40 standard HD ink colors. Additionally, we provide adhesion ink testing services, as well as custom color matching upon request. While this spotlight is for pad printing, the SE Series is not only perfect for pad printing but also screen printing, spray coating, and color filling. This ink is compatible with all types of pad printing machines.

If you are new and want to print on silicone, reach out to our team, and we will get you set up. You can also visit our YouTube channel for the latest information on silicone printing, as well as our support hub for any questions you may have.

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